If you want my heart you need to take my pain too
there is always poison

La . 20.

"All I trust is the past. Things that have ended can't betray me."

So instead of running away from destiny, fight it.

So instead of running away from destiny, fight it.

The room you are using at Club Shanghai. That powder room… was also your mother’s. Though the war was over and Denkai left, that room was left untouched. That was because many people remembered Ryoko. Even Shanghai’s owner left that room alone. She was a woman who could open the hearts of her enemies. Your mother was that kind of woman.

Nature Under Constraint and Vexed


Game of Thrones || 02x10 || 04x03
↳ Arya Stark + Braavos

I’m sorry, Dong Chan. I’m sorry for being stupid. Did I do something wrong again? Did I make you ashamed again? I’m sorry for being your brother, Dong Chan. Don’t cry. If you didn’t do it, that’s good enough. It’s okay for me to die. I’m not scared at all. Not scared of death at all. Your brother is going to be alright.

The story of a mother..