me    kvariety    superman is back


    kdrama    Discovery of Romance

“You never appear in my dreams. That’s how you are. I prayed and prayed that you’d appear in my dream because I missed you so much. But you didn’t appear”.

    kdrama    Discovery of Romance

It’s not a dream, because you’re a woman who will never appear in my dreams. You’re that kind of woman. Even though I beg and beg again for you to appear in my dreams just once because I miss you, you still won’t appear.

    kdrama    Discovery of Romance

Just… I liked everything about him.

    jdrama    itazura na kiss

"Serves you right."

    kdrama    Discovery of Romance

I did love you. And I’ve missed you this whole time.

    kvariety    superman is back



    KActress    lee yul eum


Lee Yeol Eum // bnt international photoshoot (x)

    kdrama    gap dong

I wonder if it’s even possible to stop. Well, maybe.